Academic Jewish Studies

In 2017, the Academic Jewish Studies Grant Programme will open in February 2017 and close in late March 2017.

Although the submission deadline will be significantly later this year, the notification date when results will be announced remains early August 2017. If you would like to apply, please subscribe to receive email updates on the Foundation’s homepage.

The Academic Jewish Studies Grant Programme supports teaching and research in the field of Jewish Studies in Europe through three key award types: fellowships to support emerging scholars at the onset of their academic careers, language studies scholarships to ensure that European graduate students have the requisite language skills to conduct Jewish Studies research, and regional hub grants for European centres of Jewish Studies to ensure excellence in teaching as well as inter-institutional cooperation amongst the main Jewish Studies Centres across Europe. Please find details concerning each of these award types, as well as details for how to apply, below.

Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Fellowships: The 2016 grant programme offers a completely open competition for its Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Fellowships. Unlike in previous years, candidates may now apply for a maximum of three years of funding for the Doctoral Fellowship grant, and for a maximum of two years of funding within the Post-Doctoral Fellowship category. To be eligible in either category, candidates must be based at a European institution of higher education. Please click on the heading below for further information and to apply.

Language Studies: The Foundation will continue to fund places for European graduate students of Jewish Studies at select intensive language study programmes. Please click on the heading below for further information.

Regional Hubs of Jewish Studies in Europe: The Foundation Staff work directly with selected partners across Europe to further advance the teaching of Jewish Studies, as well as to foster the inter-institutional cooperation between the various departments, centres and organisations involved in Jewish Studies research and its dissemination across the continent.

The Foundation is not currently soliciting additional applications for Regional Hubs, but if you would like further information about this category please contact Ruchama Johnston-Bloom

Available grants

This programme is currently closed. However, you can still view information about Academic Jewish Studies grants below.

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